5 Good Reasons To Invest In Search Engine Promotion

To bet on a market or product our SWOT matrix should show a greater number of opportunities that threats together with a greater amount of strength than weakness promoted in search engines today, one of those strategies have more opportunities and strengths. We will discuss some of them:

1- What most Internet users do is look for information

In surveys where the uses of Internet always appears as the protagonist’s need to “seek information” is measured. In World, for example, as the Eighth Survey of Internet Users Association for Media Research, the main activity in World on the Internet is “searchable”. Users seeking information to purchase products, to learn today, to obtain material for their own websites; this need will remain a primary motivation for using the Internet.

2- Searchers have loyal users

A study of the company entitled Search Engine User Behavior shows hi-fi users have to search engines. In this study asked a sample of users on, they would do if the first attempt to find out not lists the specific information you are seeking. The answers were:

– 82% said they would change the search phrase for another, more significant in the same search engine
– 13% said they would opt for search engine change and continue to use the same original sentence.
– A 2% use another phrase in another search engine
– Only 3% use other means other than a search engine to find information.

At the end of this study, it indicates a fidelity to the seekers of 97%, a value which undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity to invest in this medium. Search engines will remain the main tool for finding information.

3- Search engines are the cheapest way to get visits likely to become customers

Of the most used tools on internet marketing, search engine optimization is the most profitable because it combines its formula for ROI costs low in the long term with high visitor-customer conversion.

When a potential customers who is looking to us by our advertising costs are greatly reduced. Those who come to our website through search engines is someone who’s already has in mind: a product, content, and service which will be very similar to some of those who make up our portfolio of products and services (provided our site possesses an effective search engine positioning). Convert that visit client requires less effort than if we are who we look to the customer directly.

4- Search engine optimization increases the branding company

Search engine optimization can enhance the branding of a company in a very peculiar way. Recent studies show that users tend to believe that the companies that are listed on the results pages of search engines are of a higher quality than companies that are not listed in the search engines.

As is clear from the study that 36% of search engine users believe that the companies that are noted at the top of the search engines are the leading companies in its sector. This though is not technically true, since obtaining a better ranking depends on a number of attributable to the Web page and not the quality of the company itself technically, it’s an urban legend that we use to play it to our advantage.

5- Search engine promotion is 100% measurable

To know if a marketing action is correct; such action must be measurable or controlled. A typical search engine optimization campaign can be audited at any time in order to improve it or to assess the feasibility of it.
Systems Web traffic statistics today can measure the number of related search engine promotion that gives us a broader view of the business indicators. Figures related to “visitors from search engine”, “Search engines that originated visits” and “keywords that led to visitors to the site through search engines” are data that help us to easily measure the success of a search engine optimization strategy.

Knowing the advantages trial and error

Although the above paragraphs seem a fairy tale, only with the implementation of a strategy of search engine positioning can realize the benefits of this tool on Internet marketing. The search engine promotion is an action of trial and error, where things that go well kept and the things that do not go so well can be corrected immediately.

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Email Marketing Campaigns For Ecommerce

Sales of electronic commerce can be analyzed from the following equation:

“Number of visits x = sales conversion rate”

Improving conversion rate

Emailing campaigns for ecommerce

First select a small number of products that we will promote. To this end we have to evaluate whether we can reduce the profit margin to achieve using them as “hooks” to encourage our existing customers to buy again and so continue to be on your short list. Also by cross selling we can amortize this promotional discount.

After choosing the products create a promotion on the online store for the discount applied is reflected in our product catalog. It is advisable to directly lower the price, it is always best to use the promotion system that provides e-commerce platform.

Then, using the e-commerce manager will select the products are listed as recommended and complementary on the tab of promotional products to refine the maximum cross-selling.

We also review the records of promotional products to ensure that they have quality images and complete descriptions. The information for these products must be perfect.

“If we lower the price of a product, it is best to use a promotion, will have a greater visual impact.”

If these products are comments from previous customers will gain credibility.

For information please visit here: http://platinumwebmedia.com.au/

Improving web traffic in the short term

Every online store should have a strategy in search engine optimization to generate quality traffic and free medium and long term, this is indisputable. However you need to increase traffic in the short term we can use other online marketing strategies such as sponsored ads (Google Adwords) actions in social networks and email marketing campaigns.

In this case we will make an email marketing campaign using our database of clients and other subscribers. The key databases of subscribers are: the more we have and more focused with what we provide the better.

The next step is to design a newsletter to display products; this can be done easily using a template for Mail Chimp, a simple tool for sending mass emails. This design will add an introductory text indicating we are promoting a selection of products for a limited time. Then add all promoted products, which will include for each:

Product name
Brief Description
Old price
Current Price

If the discount is bulky, helps add what percentage of savings.

Both the image and the product name should be linked to records of these products in our online store . These links they should add tracking parameters to correctly measure the impact on our traffic and sales with Google Analytics. Google provides the tool for this purpose URL builder.

To indicate that

Campaign Name: promotion to August
Medium: email marketing
Product: course-positioning

Now we can only choose the right time for shipping. This will depend on the nature of the product, but in general it is recommended earlier in the week and in the morning.

Days after shipment analyze the impact of the campaign, we will use for this purpose:

The Control Panel Mail Chimp, where we see how many subscribers opened the email, clicks they have done and many more interesting facts.

Google Analytics, where we can analyze the behavior of users that came from the email marketing campaign, including e-commerce module that will show the increase in sales of promotional products;

If everything went as it should, at this point we should notice an increase in sales of the products offered and to a lesser extent in related and complementary products. For some products the time spent on the purchase decision can be longer than a week, so we should not be impatient.

If the results are satisfactory campaign must not fall into the temptation to abuse this strategy. Depending on the product or service the maximum frequency must be 15 days or a month.

From here I invite you to do the test and share the results with us.

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Meets Objectives In Your Blog Or Website

After review and reflect on the real goals because you have a website or because you’re writing in your blog, and measure the real importance of the contact form and see how necessary it is, we go to the more complex and practical part, we will make visible and accessible this contact form, or alternatively, the form to subscribe to our newsletter.

Make visible your contact form

Once you have defined your website goals, and coincides in the importance of the contact form , it’s time to give visibility to it. You can find two situations, firstly that your website is not yet in production or web design or already have everything assembled.

If you are in the phase of sketches and web design, it is time to emphasize the importance of the location of the form from the first mockups (here we speak that are mockups and resources to achieve them). It is important to be clear about your goals from the beginning and be consistent with the same phase in your web design.

If instead you run your website or blog, it’s time to increase the percentage of visits that end up writing an email through the form. Let’s put the focus on the page of the form, and the media and links that we have spread our website to access it.

Tips to drive more traffic to your contact page

We will list some of the strategies that we can continue to increase the number of visits to our form, and thus increase the number of potential prospects can contact you.

Note that each subject is different and that each website or blog strategy or combination of strategies that can give better result will be very different. It is best to analyze case. So almost if you want us to do for you, you just have to contact us ;) (This is already a good example of application to capture traffic for the form!)

- The contact form page always has a direct access from the navigation menu. I do not care where that menu is located, whether in the header, in the footer or sidebar, but always make sure, among the tabs you have a link to your contact page. (If you use WordPress for your website, we will soon have a tutorial on how to manage your menus step by step and to include your tab “contact”)

- Uses a creative text for your link to contact. Here it is important that you are clear about how your audience would act against this new way of naming the classic “Contact”.

Some industries change the terminology to “talk?” (It’s closer), or more aggressive, for example, “Hire us”. Other good choices are “Write us” or “where we are”, but be clear that whatever you use does not lead to ambiguity. (e.g., use of “Working Together” can lead to confusion and start receiving resumes and job applications)

- Place your contact tab in a prominent place within the menu. As mentioned, the menu will be present on all pages and sections of the website, so we are if also able to place the link to the contact form in a privileged place (first or last) much better, safe we get something that stands out without hindering navigation and web visitor experience.

- Highlight your contact tab to the rest. A good option, if all elements of your menu have the same background color, add background is different from your contact element, for example, with a green background, or with an edge to set it apart. Another option is to turn almost on a button using CSS, in the end; we all love to click on a button!

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Have Clear Objective of your Website or blog?

Today I invite you to reflect briefly on a fundamental aspect that you probably have not stopped to think what use is your website? What is your goal? Why are you writing in the blog? Basic Questions from experience with some clients we have worked with web design, often do not know that answer either.

Focused and have a clear objective for your website or blog

It happens often. Shall we go around the bush: “I have my content strategy, my editorial, the colors I want to have the logo, the template for perfect wordpress, SEO strategy almost ready?”

And all this to? Aimless on your website or blog or clear direction, we have a lot of power and desire, we end up wasting efforts. It’s like running a lot with our super potent car without clear direction: We usually focus more on the little details that in the big picture of the whole.

Therefore abstract a little, take pen and paper (do not get tired of repeating it) and make a list of the target or targets you’re after with your blog or website (attention, real and measurable objectives, not worth generic and pre-objective things like ” making noise on social media “or” have a website with an HTML5 design great “)

Search real objectives: selling my service, find customers, sell my artwork, find partners for my new project, getting donations for NGOs to share my experience and knowledge altruistically … .this type of objectives are really worth.

Adapt your web page to your goals

Therefore, if your goal is to get hired as a freelance consultant, much content you post to your blog, as much content you share on social networks, even you hard you try, be clear about one thing: the customer will have to contact and also, if you do, surely do so from the contact form.

Have you no contact form? Do not worry, usual, sometimes focus so much on the details that we forget the true aim and end of things. The most important thing here is to access or where you click your visitor interested to go in order to achieve your true goals with your blog easy.

The contact form works for you

Let’s continue with the same example. Imagine that we are selling our services as a freelance consultant, for example on SEO positioning invests much time and effort on generating quality content for our blog. We have recurring visits are also active in the comments and sharing such content. If our goal is that someone hires us, we will put the largest number of facilities.

To do this, if we want our future customers contact us, you will need to have a contact form: I repeat, there are bloggers and webmasters that they forget. . O instead leave an email to contact this is a mistake for two reasons:

Requires extra effort for the visitor (copy the address, I go to my email account, hit the direction and start writing…). This is an extra effort, and along the way we lose the potential customers. Also, if the visitor is browsing our website through your tablet or smartphone as our site has a great responsive design (good for you, if not it’s time to tailor your website design to responsive design ) and long story how complex it can be copied, pasted, open the app, etc…

Your email address is exposed every internet, and easily accessible to robots that scan the web looking for email addresses to which to spam (or send you huge amount of junk mail). IF you have it yet, it’s time to remove it and design a good contact form, easy, accessible and delivering automatic backup to your Gmail account manager or email.

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Web Design Process: Hammer vs. Codekit

I changed the way I work. In the design phase of a website now use a new tool that has revolutionized my usual tasks: Hammer.

I know I always advocate that we adopt tools that are well adapted to our processes but in this case worth making small adjustments to benefit from this application.


What does hammer?

Hammer helps you write HTML more efficiently by allowing you to include parts of code that can be reused. Bring functionality include PHP to HTML.

You can make a file containing the code for the header, for example, and include it in the pages of the site you are designing.

If you have multiple pages created and you have to make any changes in the header you only have to change the file that contains that piece of code and updated throughout.

Photoshop comes up short when it comes to showing responsive designs with the need to show how responsive design responsive to different screen sizes graphics editors such as Photoshop become obsolete. The static image of the sketch no longer serves the client see how it will look your site. This is where it becomes vital resource use that allows you to quickly generate a model living project and Hammer can be your best ally.

This allows you to create your own initial file structure, your own framework and reuse it in each new place that you started.

I have my index file and a series of folders and files with distinct parts of code that help me get everything better structured. Each time you save a file Hammer gathers them, compile and generate all the files ready for upload to production in a folder Build within the project.

Keep your project organized is simple and can create your own templates so that when you launch a new web Hammer believes your file structure.


What tasks have had to modify

Using Sass and love is not that I have been forced to change my way of working with CSS but I’ve been completely and Sass. Not quite convince me that writing pseudo-CSS which had subsequently compile applications but now that Hammer put it so easy I have been stepping up and have to say I’m delighted.

I have all the separate style files in a folder: reset, clear fix, overall layout, typography, forms, styles … Everything sections in place. Every time I keep some change Hammer gathers them and generates a single CSS file for use in production. And it optimizes and minimizes it!

And much more

If you have not yet gone off to buy it, you must know that makes a lot more:

gives you the ability to use variables . You can assign the title of the site to a variable and change the variable file for each project

updates the browser every time you save a change, it is as if he had reached the AVE to the world of web design, you will go much faster with this little detail

has smart routes , i.e., magic: write the name of the file you want to include and what looks Hammer and generates the correct path.

What about Codekit

I arrived at Hammer after trying Codekit. Codekit another application is quite similar to Hammer. Besides Sass compiles less, which Hammer does as SASS use this point I do not care.

Codekit another advantage is that it has more options file optimization.

With Codekit you can import your frameworks so that if you do an include of a file it will look first to the specific project you’re working and, if not found, will cross your frameworks to include it.

I tried both applications almost simultaneously and at first I liked Codekit. I did not relish that Hammer generate all files in a folder within the project Build, Codekit compiles each file in the path you indicate you. Finally I’ve used and it seems neater to have all generated files in one place. In fact has been the most solid structure Hammer that has convinced me to use this application. Both cost almost the same and have trial versions. It is best that you take a look yourself and you choose.

Website Design:

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1, 2, 3… You’re done! Website Design Made Easy

Summary of Website Designing Made Easy

Designing a website may not seem like the easiest of tasks, but with the help of some new web building conveniences that have entered the market in the past few years it is possible to create a professional website for your business with only a small investment of your time and money. In fact, with the advent of greater choice in web design such as ready-made website templates, logos and other corporate necessities, you can build a website in three easy steps.

Website Designing

Designing a website may not seem like the easiest of tasks, but with the help of some new web building conveniences that have entered the market in the past few years it is possible to create a professional website for your business with only a small investment of your time and money. In fact, with the advent of greater choice in web design such as ready-made website templates, logos and other corporate necessities, you can build a website in three easy steps.

Step One: Plan Ahead

Before you delve into the world of web design and start looking for a suitable template, it’s important to plan ahead. You need to clearly define your company’s objectives beforehand so that the design selection process goes more quickly and you choose the right template.

For instance, who is your target audience? You must know your customer inside and out in order to choose the best site design for bringing in business. For instance, if most of your business comes from corporations and professionals you will need to choose a template that caters to that group of people – one that gives the right first impression and shows you are a serious business that can handle top-notch clients. In this case, a simple, efficient design will be your top preference. If, however, you are building an ecommerce website selling a range of goods, a template that can be customized for online shopping will probably be your design of choice. Perhaps you require a more “flashy” website? Flash templates are also an option and suit many different types of websites that rely on more than just text and a logo to make money.

Ensure that the template you eventually purchase is easy to customize and update. That’s the whole point of buying a template in the first place – to make both the building of the website and its maintenance stress-free, affordable and fast. You will need to add your own content to the template and work with the overall theme once it is downloaded. Also, most businesses will want to add fresh content, site updates, links etc. as time goes by so keep this in mind when searching for that perfect template. If you plan to incorporate interactive features into your site, such as forms and chat areas, the template you choose should be able to handle this as well.

Step Two: Choose a Template

Now that you are prepared, you can begin shopping for a website template that will work best for your business. Start by researching the many website template companies on the market that offer professional designs for reasonable prices ($20-$40). Most companies offer the choice between copyrighted and non-copyrighted material as well, so if you want to be the only one using the template design spend a little more money to receive exclusive usage. One such website template company I found that offers reasonably priced templates is TemplateDogma(see the link in Resource Box). Once you purchase a copyrighted template it is taken off the market. If you don’t find a template that fits your business precisely, investigate which companies offer to design custom-made templates for your usage. This will cost more but prices are kept lower than hiring a designer and the results are just as good – if not better.

When you find the right template after reviewing the available designs, the rest is simple. All you have to do is purchase the template and download it to your hard drive in seconds.

Step Three: Customize

With the template all ready to go, all you have to do is add your own content, graphics, images – anything you need to make the site your own. If you can use a simple editor such as DreamWeaver or FrontPage, this can be done in a few days or less. If you are inexperienced when it comes to any aspect of web design you can hire someone to do the editing for you for a very small fee – much smaller than what you would pay a designer to create the whole site from scratch.

When adding content, if you only require a few simple words, consider writing the text yourself. If you need a lot more information, such as product descriptions, articles or sales content, consider hiring a writer to create unique, high-quality content. Because you saved so much money purchasing a ready-made website template, you can spend a little more hiring a great writer! If you write the material on your own, remember to keep it short. Keep paragraphs short and don’t bog the reader down with unnecessary information. People are in a hurry and don’t want to spend a lot of time reading pages and pages of writing. Let your visitors get the information they need so they can move on and buy your product or service, but also make sure the information you provide is actually helpful and written without grammar or spelling mistakes.

The overall design should be kept simple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add graphics, pictures or even video. As long as you keep it uncomplicated visitors will not regret visiting your site and learning more about your business. Not everyone has high-speed Internet yet, so fast loading pages are still a consideration.

Other additions include tables, forms and quizzes. Tables specifically are an easy way to organize text on a web page and they load very quickly. Most HTML editors make it easy to generate tables on your website.

Website templates have brought web design out of its infancy and into the 21st century, catering to the unique needs of the online business owner, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of the convenience – you won’t regret the decision.

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