Are There Any Drawbacks Of Online Dating?

Everything in this world is double sided. If a thing has merits then obviously there would be some of its drawbacks. Just like that in the case of online dating. It provides us various advantages but parallels to it, there are some drawbacks too. We need to see both the sides of dating online and then make our decision. Considering only one thing and making a decision is not a wise choice. We have assembled a few drawbacks of dating online that might help you in making your decision.

Drawbacks of Online Dating

  • There are a number of people who are using online dating sites. It leads a single user a wide range to choose from which sometimes results in a very confusing moment for the user. This confusion delays the decision of the user, sometimes the user ends up by not dating anyone.
  • In online dating, the users chat with each other and create an imaginary personality of the other one. In some cases, the individuals also develop some expectations from another partner. On meeting personally if the person is not as expected or the imaginary personality and real personality are not same and can lead to disappointments.
  • Finding likes and dislikes are easy on online dating but knowing about someone’s nature is not possible. A person can know about other person nature only by meeting him as a person. According to a study in 2008, it is proved that these sites are good when comes to find about income, religion, etc. but doesn’t qualify to understand things like a mutual understanding between two peoples.
  • Online dating sites do not give you surety about actual dates. It varies from person to person that whether they will go on a date or not.
  • A study tells that there are many people who didn’t go on real dates with their ideal match. Even some people have felt harassed and uncomfortable. 42% of women’s who dated online has gone through it.


Should Date Online or Not 

After considering all the points, it does not mean that one should not date online. A person should be careful and make this decision wisely. There are many people who successfully founded their love by dating online. It shows that one should keep all merits and demerits in their mind before making any decision so they don’t have to apologize in future.

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