Car Covers: Properties Of Good Car Covers

Majority of the people agree that car covers are important for the protection of their vehicle. However, very few people go into details of car covers. It’s not just any car cover, which is suitable for your car, rather you should consider some properties of covers, before buying them.

  • Material: The most important thing, when it comes to car covers, is the material. Car covers are available in different materials. Some are manufactured with cotton, others have Nylon and mix of other materials. If you live in area, which receives lot of rains, you should go for the water proof covers. If conditions are dry, cotton material will be good.
  • Breathable material: Indoor cars usually face this problem. Due to improper flow of air, condensation forms on the surface of the car, which is very damaging for the vehicles. Breathable material is very important in this situation. It makes sure the flow of air and keep the car dry.
  • Protection against UV: UV rays have damaging properties so try to buy the cover, which provides protection against ultra Violet rays. It will save not only exterior of the car but interior as well.
  • Padding: Padding is important, if you park your car outside the house. In garage, cars are more protected, but if its outside a padded car cover will be good, as it will provide protection against stones, tree branches and other vehicles.
  • Proper fitting: Proper fitting is very important for the protection. If the cover is loose, it will attract dust and water in the empty space and instead of giving protection, it will be inviting damaging agents. Moreover, properly fitted cover is easy to use as well. So, know the dimensions of car, before buying covers for it.

These are just the few points, which you should keep in mind before buying car covers.


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