Mark Hurds’ Best Linkedin Articles

As a prominent business leader, Visit has a profile on LinkedIn through which he shares his great wealth of knowledge via LinkedIn articles. These are articles that offer great insights into the world of IT, business management, technological applications, the future and so on. If you are a business leader, company director or entrepreneur, you will gain a lot from these three articles posted on Hurd’s LinkedIn profile.

Predictions For 2025

In this article, Hurd talked about the future of business management and IT. He predicts that by the year 2025, over 80% of all IT spending will not be in traditional It but the cloud. He also predicts that many corporations will own fewer data centers, as workloads will shift to the cloud. He opined that this would help companies cut cost and focus on their core competence.

Regime Change Article

This LinkedIn article talked about the importance of regime change, regarding data hosting for a business that wants to excel. The Mark Hurd report analysis the challenges most CEOs face and the benefits they stand to derive when they change from traditional data storage to cloud storage.

Revolutionizing Small Business with Cloud Computing

This article is highly relevant for people who are interested in knowing how to face modern business challenges by implementing cloud computing. It emphasizes the importance of the rise of end-to-end cloud and why companies need to redefine mission-critical. It also gives advice on how CEOs can drive transformation and unleash financial insights by shifting to the cloud.

Mark Hurd has published other articles on his LinkedIn profile that can be very helpful for CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. They are all presented to help people find new ideas they can use to develop and grow their market share and face life with more certainty.